最新消息:4月15日 Pi 币核心成员 Nicolas 在开发者频道发言


Pi network 联合创始人  技术负责人@Nicolas,斯坦福大学博士、科学家。


@HHL19970910 Please update to the latest version, 1.27. We have a lot of people in a lot of different versions (31 different version as of yesterday) and it makes it really hard to fix bugs if people don’t Update.
@wangyaode1 Pi cares more about being real person. KYC is just a way to quickly prove being real person, not a fake account. If people can’t pass KYC now, no problem there will other ways to prove they are human, later.
@Rootandroideasy It is a mix of self-funding, friends and family, and a couple seed investors. We did not expect the server costs to grow so fast to such a large number. So now that the cost is so high we have to find a more sustainable way to pay for it, such as ads. We have started the conversation with the community to see what is the best way to fund the project sustainably. We want to find a way that is principled, aligned with the network’s goals and matches the seriousness of the project.


1. 大家更新到最新版本1.27。我们有很多人在很多不同的版本(昨天有31个不同的版本),如果人们不更新就很难修复bug;

2. Pi Network更关心真实的人。KYC只是一种快速证明真实身份的方法,而不是假账户。如果人们现在不能通过KYC,没有问题,以后会有其他方式来证明他们是真人;

3. 目前项目方在自我融资应对高额服务器费用的投入,同时也在找可持续的解决方案,例如广告投放等;


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